We offer Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapies here at Orchard Post Acute. Our therapists work to address every aspect of your rehabilitation. From walking with confidence to speaking clearly, our teams can help you rebuild your strength, your skills, and your confidence to return to your highest level of functioning possible.

Orthopedic / Joint Replacement Program

Following a joint replacement, the Orchard Post Acute team will develop a plan to begin restoring your range of motion and mobility. Our goal is to improve your confidence and reduce and manage your pain so that you can successfully return to your daily life.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehab patients who have experienced a cardiac event require a delicate balance of medication, diet, and lifestyle adjustments. Orchard Post Acute provides the care team that can help you manage your condition and its side effects while working with you to begin restoring your heart to healthy functioning.

Post-Stroke Rehabilitation

Orchard Post Acute focuses on regaining and refining skills, movement coordination, and speech loss due to stroke. We can help you relearn how to perform daily tasks, compensate for permanent losses incurred from brain injury, and regain your confidence.

As a student completing my Fieldwork II at Orchard post-acute, as an OTA student, I was able to experience what I learned in school and put it into practice. During this time, if I had any questions my fieldwork educator was able to explain them explicitly to give me a better understanding. As I started to treat patients on my own my field work educator would step in and guide me when needed. The feedback from my fieldwork educator has helped me gain the confidence to undertake treatment with my patients. This was a great learning experience where I gained the knowledge and the confidence to become a COTA. Working with the Rehab Team I felt welcomed, and they also helped me grow. I am now a licensed COTA at Orchard Post-Acute, I am grateful to be a part of this Team.

Alyssa Valdez


While completing my fieldwork II rotation at Orchard Post-Acute, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and am proud to say I now have a valuable experience under my belt. I am also very grateful to have worked alongside an amazing rehab team who made me feel like family and was always there to help. In addition to that, I had an amazing clinical instructor who cared about my success and took the time to educate me as well as answer all my questions. Not only did I learn a great deal, but we always had fun which was a bonus. My overall experience here at Orchard Post-Acute has been a memorable one and I will miss it.

Nancy Vang