Ladies seated on an outdoor patio talking and laughing

Wonderful staff this place saved me. They got me on my feet and soon I was walking and feeling good physically and mentally. They all took very good care of me. I cant say enough good things about physical and occupational staff. They are awesome they saved my life. Thank you💖🌈💖

Pam W.

Great place to come to. Staff is good. Physical therapy is the best. They teach you everything. Food was delicious. Everyone is so friendly with a smiling face. That is what keeps me motivated!! I love this place.

Michael A.

My Father has been a patient at Orchard Post Acute for almost a year. During my last visit in late February he said to me, ” I like this place. These people are very nice to me. They treat me good.”

As a family member, I am very happy with the nursing staff, housekeeping, and office staff. The staff goes out of its way to help the patients and family. I recommend this facility to anyone.


This place was AMAZING! I highly recommend this place! My step dad received phenomenal care there. Every department did such a great job with my step dad from the beginning of his stay to the end of his stay. At that he speaks Spanish and the staff there had staff that translated his needs when it was needed. Admissions got him in quickly with their great customer service. Their nurses and CNAs were awesome and really cared about their residents. Staff built relationships with him. The CNAs always had him looking good. He was groomed well daily by CNAs. We were able to facetime him daily with assistance from staff. The staff always seemed to be more than happy to assist when it was needed. As for Physical Therapy they did a fantastic job and really went above and beyond with my step dad. They worked really hard with him and encouraged him on a daily basis to keep him strong and active. My step dad is doing great now! Thank you Orchard Post Acute for doing an AMAZING job with my step dad!

Rebecca H.

Our dad suffered a severe stroke in May of 2018, which left him unable to speak and unable to walk. After he got out of the hospital my sister and I did what we could to take care of him at home, but he needed more care than what we could handle. We searched for a facility for quite some time because we were scared to take dad just to any facility. When we came across this facility in October of 2018, met the staff and their therapists we were very happy and we felt a sense of peace. We couldn’t have asked for a better place. The staff members are caring, loving, and take the time to help and listen to the residents and their family members when a problem arises. They have gone above and beyond to be there for our dad and our family since day one, especially during these hard times. We can’t thank you all for everything you have done for our dad.


I have a loved one who stayed at Orchard Post Acute.  I must say that their rehab facility is phenomenal.  Many many thanks to Amira in speech therapy, a professional and caring individual.  As well as the physical therapists who work so hard.  I would also like to thank some of the staff for their compassion in their job and their caring attitude towards helping others.  My love and gratitude to Norma, Urvi and the administrator, Cory.  Especially during this Covid-19 epidemic.  This facility is protective of their patients.  My many thanks to the individuals I mentioned.  I assure you that your loved ones are in a clean, safe and secure facility at Orchard Post Acute.


My sister’s and I are very happy with the care and love our dad receives. The staff is friendly and very caring, we couldn’t ask for a better place. We are very grateful for everything they do for him. Thank you all.

Erendira R.

This is the best facility I have ever been at. The nurses and CNAs are good and they take care of you. Orchard is my second family. I was very proud to be there. The therapy is also very good, the girls there really know what they’re doing. Orchard really makes sure you do your therapy and get better every day.

Larry J.

Where do I begin? I am truly thankful and appreciative for this facility and the amazing care they provided to my grandmother. Unfortunately, my elderly grandmother was affected by COVID in June 2020 and was hospitalized for several weeks. luckily, my grandmother recovered and was able to leave the acute setting. However, she was very frail and required much more care than my family could provide in the home setting at the time. To be honest, my family was very reluctant on placing my grandma at a nursing home due to the negative connotations that they carry. To make a long story short, we had an amazing experience. Although we were not able to physically see my grandmother, Orchard Post Acute made every effort to make sure we stayed in contact with my grandma. They provided routine follow up phone calls, allowed us to facetime, and placed her in a room near a window where we could stop by and visit. I would be lying if I said there were not issues that arose, however, they were respectfully addressed and taken care of in a timely manner.

Sarah M.

Orchard post Acute has friendly staff. Everyone works together to get the jobs done. A dear friend was a resident here for several months with no family in town. It was nice that I could be here to fill in as her family support. She enjoyed every staff members assistance.

Patty N.